The Best Things to Do in Cheshire County

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If you find yourself in Cheshire thinking about what to do for a great day out, perhaps some family fun with the kids would do it. If you want to spend your day pleasantly, there are plenty of things here that will hopefully suit your mood, filling a couple of hours. There is a huge range of activities in Cheshire and Chester, from fishing to paintballing, in case you’re looking out for suggestions about what to do in order to have a unique experience.

Maybe you’d rather check out a history museum or explore the fresh air on a 2-wheels in the countryside? You’ll be enlightened if you’ve got kids as there is more than enough to do, even if you don’t know where to start. Some handpicked enjoyments to be found in Cheshire include a significant canal network built to transport raw materials which provides a great venue for anglers and many more, as well as hiring a barge through the Cheshire canal system yourself, a great way to explore the delightful scenery.

Maybe a stroll around a stunning garden in a summer’s day, getting to feel like a star day exploring a location used in film or drop in some of the many independent shops would be your thing? In this guide, you may find some inspiration to plan your trip in this beautiful county of Cheshire which has got many places to visit.

Even if you travel on your own you may have a lovely time with the help of a beautiful escort who can accompany you during your vacation. If you are alone, keep in mind that Cheshire County is full of escorts of different nationalities and with just one look on the internet you can easily select a girl. If you are looking for something special, there is a venue for special occasions or team buildings with many of the activities listed below.

Delamere Forest

Delamere is a haven for beautiful tortoiseshell butterfly, spotted woodpecker, green woodpecker and southern hawker dragonfly and you can purchase a Pass for £40 per year. This is Cheshire’s largest area of woodland, suitable if you’re willing to escape the crowds in the heart of the forest. A whole range of benefits await you here, and it’s situated approximately 10 miles from the outskirts of Chester, well sign-posted.

Soar with Eagles

If you are a bird lover and you are visiting Cheshire, why not try your hand at Falconry in the specialist venues? Cheshire Falconry is nestled on Chester Road, surrounding the countryside and housing about 60 birds of prey. All areas are accessible to disabled visitors and all toilet facilities are provided by Blakemere Craft Centre. Here you will have the opportunity to find passionate about birds and their habitats, and you may surely join them, watch flying demonstrations and enjoy a range of hands-on falconry experiences, no matter what are your abilities. Open 7 days a week, it offers a number of experiences enabling guests to fly magnificent birds free in the beautiful surroundings near Northwich.




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